26 September, 2012

send me some requests

what would the few of you that still follow want?

20 September, 2012

Hey there folks.

Perhaps I shall start this up again.

10 February, 2010

i love you google, i hate you google.

we may not be around much longer.

email becausewhatyoulistentosucks@gmail.com with some requests so you can get what you want now.

i'll try to figure some sort of replacement out.

Bluesanct 2009 Mixtape


1. Drekka  - I Will Wait (Demo Version)
2. Body Of John The Baptist  - Cannibal Holocaust
3. Body Of John The Baptist  - With The Radio On...
4. Synthesisia  - Darkness Sample
5. Caethua  - Playing Dead
6. Vollmar  - Confusion's Out Of Line
7. Verjaardag  - Like Yesterday (Cello Return)
8. Annelies Monseré  - These Streets
9. Static Films  - Song For Birds
10. Black Forest / Black Sea  - F Vs. Bf/Bs
11. Drekka  - Exactioning
12. Vollmar  - A Widow
13. Timesbold  - Ee Cummings
14. The Iditarod  - Servants Serve
15. Elephant Micah  - Everything Is Good
16. Tiltmaster feat. Drekka  - Mary Gold 1
17. the pilot ships  - drying off
18. Drekka  - Fractured

01 February, 2010

u.s. girls - go grey

u.s. girls - go grey

If the alluring moniker used by Megan Remy conjures images of volleyball teams or cheerleading squads, forget it. Not that there’s any doubt that Remy—sorry, U.S. Girls—couldn’t rise and conquer either challenge.

Like fellow DIY ingenues Sally Strobelight and Inca Ore, U.S. Girls’ approach is deceptively ethereal and delightfully haunting; lithe, lysergic gamma rays of keyboard murk beamed over percussive bonk sort of resemble Diamanda Galas reinterpreting Suicide’s Red Star. And dig that cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Prove It All Night,” done in such an effortless, barbital lush you’d swear the air was filled with mescaline.


Jeans Wilder/Best Coast split


26 January, 2010

Andrew Cedermark/Family Portrait - Split 7"

family portrait - super cool, live

Family Portrait - Super Cool from Chocolate Bobka on Vimeo.

23 January, 2010

joanna @ the sydney opera house 2010-01-18

20 January, 2010

joseph spence and the pinder family - the spring of sixty-five

joseph spence and the pinder family - the spring of sixty-five

Born on the island of Andrus in the Bahamas, Spence created an idiosyncratic (and inimitable) guitar style rife with percussive and improvisatory vamps around staid hymns and such "square" standards as "Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer." He was a folk guitarist's Thelonious Monk, and his growling vocal counterpoint and surprising inventions are one of folk music's great delights. ~ Mark A. Humphrey, All Music Guide


kemialliset ystävät - kemialliset ystävät

Kemialliset Ystävät (English translation: Chemical Friends) is an ever changing group of free form pilots who have been sending murky audio clouds from their basement in Tampere, Finland to the people of the world since 1995. They work in short, spooling instrumentals, building layers of simple repetitive riffs into laminal mudcakes and weaving ghosts of folk song into huge tunnels of drone.